Juanjo Coello

Software Developer & Perpetual Wannabe
I tweet stuff at @jjcoellov

My name is Juan José Coello, although everyone calls me Juanjo. You can find me on Internet as @jjcoellov. I’m a half Venezuelan / half Spanish Software Engineer working in Intuit as an Engineer Manager, creating software for Small Business to help them become more productive and successful. Previously, I worked in a small startup called Acrede (acquired by Intuit) and the by-that-time Spanish social network Tuenti. My full professional profile can be found through LinkedIn.

I have lived in Caracas (Venezuela), Tenerife (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Jersey (Channel Islands) and London (United Kingdom). Since September 2019 je suis un habitant de Paris. Most of my articles are written en la lengua de Cervantes, but I decided to switch to English as many friends are anglophones. If you dig a bit on the Archive you can find most of the articles written in Spanish. I am not even close to write in French, but time will tell.

I am mostly interesting in Business and Engineering Management, Technology, Finances and Productivity, although those interests have evolved (for good or bad) over time. Also, I am lucky enough to have met really amazing people that I interview from time to time.

I continuously try to beat procrastination, with mixed results so far. Keep trying, though.

You can reach me through hola [AT] jjcoellov.es or through my twitter account .

Aprendo, aprendo, aprendo…