Juanjo Coello

Software Developer & Perpetual Wannabe
I tweet stuff at @jjcoellov

My name is Juan José Coello, although everyone calls me Juanjo. You can find me on Internet as @jjcoellov. I’m a half Venezuelan / half Spanish Software Engineer working in Intuit as a Tech Lead, creating software for Small Business to help them become more productive and successful. Previously, I worked in a small startup called Acrede (acquired by Intuit) and the by-that-time spanish social network Tuenti. My full professional profile can be found through LinkedIn.

I have lived in Caracas (Venezuela), Tenerife (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Jersey (Channel Islands) and now I am one of the 8.5 million people residing in London (United Kingdom). Most of my articles are in spanish, but I decided to switch to english as many friends are anglophones. If you dig a bit on the Archive you can find several articles yet written in spanish.

I am mostly interesting in Technology, Finances and Productivity Tips, although those interests have evolved (for good or bad) over time. Also, I am lucky enough to have met really amazing people that I interview from time to time.

I continuously try to beat procrastination, with mixed results so far. Keep trying, though.

You can reach me through hola [AT] jjcoellov.es or through my twitter account .

Aprendo, aprendo, aprendo…